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Rosie Callaghan


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A Bit About Me...

Rosie Callaghan is a proud graduate of both Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program (Valedictorian) and Randolph College for the Performing Arts. Since graduating, she has worked on stages across Canada including, The Segal Centre, The Musical Stage Company, RMTC, The Grand, Port Hope Capitol, The Centaur, and Two Planks and a Passion. Along with her professional credits, Rosie has been part of the development of many new works, and considers it a specialty within her craft. Some development credits include The Hockey Sweater (Segal Centre), Momento Mori, A Curious Life, Trixie Parker Finds a Boyfriend, The Woods Witch (Playwrights Workshop Montreal) and as part of the Fringe hit “Captain Aurora”. Notable credits include “Clue” (Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre/Grand Theatre) “Uncovered: The Music of ABBA”, "Now What?" (Musical Stage CO.), “April Fools" “It Shoulda Been You” (Segal Centre), “Frankenstein” (Segal/Kidoons/Geordie Theatre), “Rumour Has It” (Capitol Port Hope), “Antigone", "Wind In The Willows" (Two Planks and a Passion), “Robin Hood: The Great Escape” (Festival Antigonish), "Neddy Norris Night", "Ed 'n' Ed's New BNB" (GMTF), and 2 National Tours.

Besides theatre, Rosie also has had great success in commercial voice over, having done campaigns for Via Rail, Air Canada, Lotto Quebec, Spotify, Desjardins, and Circle K, among many others.

Rosie has also received numerous awards for her work, including two Broadway World Awards, NATS 2015 Most Promising and Best in Class, a META nomination, and an Alternative Film Fest award. She is also one of the recipients of the 2021-2022 Banks Prize.



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"The play featured an impressive set, outstanding acting performances and unexpected plot twists. Board game enthusiasts and theatre fans will both find something to enjoy. [...] The acting was equally as impressive as the sets. Each actor was able to capture their character’s own distinctive quirks."

Owen Johnston, Western Gazette

 "Post-pandemic, [Clue] is a wonderful and almost therapeutic experience to sit in a packed theatre again; to laugh with 800 other patrons at something so outrageous and distracting that our social brokenness seems to mend, even if only temporarily."

Larry Cornies, ArtsBeat

"Clue isn’t a particularly hard-hitting night of theatre — but of course, it’s not meant to be. Between Perchaluk’s impeccable design and a rock-solid cast of Canadian actors, Clue is a family-friendly delight from start to finish, a lovely and light 90 minutes of silliness."

Aisling Murphy, Intermission Magazine



“The Wind in the Willows, […] is a sweet and magical show with beautiful, original music. […] Rosie Callaghan’s Rat is more sophisticated, mature and very clear about her world and her place in it.” NS Reviews

“This new musical version is quite brilliant. […] Gielis and Callaghan, as Mole and Ratty, act as gentle storytellers. […] When the applause settled, a woman seated in my row, said, “They created a world, how did they do that?” Go see that world. ” Wendy Elliot, Saltwire

“The actors all give beautifully nuanced performances, with funny walks, and sniffs, vocal intonations, and ways they move their hands to really bring these various animals to life. […] Callaghan does a lovely job of balancing Rat’s affection for her friends with her desire to also keep control of them.”  Amanda Cambell, The Way I See It

"One of the most charming musicals I’ve seen." Elizabeth Shein

"Brilliant...Hysterical...Poignant." Allan Lynch



“Antigone By Fire is a beautiful, impassioned, haunting production […] Ismene (Rosie Callaghan), [is] a beautiful, lively character.”

NS Reviews

“Rosie Callaghan’s Ismene, Antigone’s sister, mirrors the audience’s perspective, I think, in that she begins the play with joyful naivety, certain that there must be a way for them to bury their brother, not get caught, and all live happily ever after. […] Throughout the play Callaghan brings out Ismene’s shock and stupefaction at Antigone’s behaviour, her hurt, but also her love for her that endures to the end.” Amanda Cambell, The Way I See It



"Rosie Callaghan with her ethereal vocal chops here stands out as Jenny Steinberg, the emotional heart of the comedy. Her powerhouse but vulnerable rendition of “Beautiful” grounds It Should Been You with meaning beneath the madness. "
-Camila Fitzgibbon, Montreal Theatre Hub

"The heart and soul of “Shoulda” belongs to Rosie Callaghan as stoical Jenny, a frequent target of her mother’s barbs.  [...] Callaghan’s fluid, heart-felt vocals are absolutely flawless, bringing tears to our eyes. Jenny’s scenes with Marty, played by adorable Mikey Samra, are magical." Stephanie Ein, Mobtreal

"But the star of the show, Rosie Callaghan playing Jenny Steinberg, totally blew me away, and indeed lived up to her title as the star. She’s a powerhouse, both as an actor and singer, and her two big numbers were the highlights of the show. Her emotional range is huge, covering Jenny’s insecurities about her body image and her explosion of confidence when she refuses to be walked on."
Danielle Eyer, Scripteditty



"I thought Rosie Callaghan as Alice Beineke had the clearest, strongest voice, and I’m glad she had a chance to show it off close to the end of Act 1."
 Lauren Stein, Mooney on Theatre



"I also greatly enjoyed Rosie Callaghan (Olympia) who I felt gave a scintillating performance as a young woman struggling with a personal civil war of self-identification versus the need to be loved." 
Randall Willis, Mooney on Theatre

Spring Awakening


"Rosie Callaghan, turns her small role of Anna into something unforgettable. She has one of the nicest voices I’ve ever heard, and her ability to project and articulate every word while singing is extraordinary."
- Abby Elizabeth, Curtains Up



“Callaghan's Remi is manic, loud, and honest, and she takes advantage of lengthy monologues and serious subject matter to hold audiences at attention. […]It certainly doesn't hurt that this cast were all more than capable of pulling of the accompaniment while in character; special recognition to both Callaghan and Atherly, whose rich voices were a perfect compliment to each other as they bounced around the church-turned-theatre space's high ceilings.” Isabella Perrone, BroadwayWorld

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Montreal Agent: Chelsea McIsaac @ Glenn Talent

Toronto Agent: Cat MacFarlane @ daCosta

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